The distinct characteristics of Bulgarian architecture make it stand out among the sea of styles and designs around the world. These characteristics mainly dwell on artistic and aesthetic aspects. In building homes, for example, Bulgarian architecture relies heavily on decorations that highlight symbols. The result is a stylish and picturesque masterpiece that combines talent, innovation, creativity, and artistic tidbits from cultural influences of the past (just look at all the medieval buildings in Bulgaria!).

All these and more are what you get from us here at Bulgarian Architects. Located in the beautiful city of Boston, our office is where you will find everything you need to build the home or structure you have long planned and saved for.

If you want us to build a home for you, that’s what we will give you. If your goal is to put up a commercial or office building, we are the right architects to approach. Whatever structure you want us to build; we will do it for you.

Bulgarian Architects thrive on professionalism, excellent artistry, creativity, and innovation. We combine all these with a dash of Bulgarian architecture in building the home, office, Church, or store of your dream.

We offer total service, including home or building decoration, which is something Bulgarian architects are known for. With exquisite artistry born out of our exposure to Renaissance architecture, we can provide all your architectural needs.