Architecture & Design

We design homes, buildings, and other structures that are not only of top quality but are also functional and stylish.

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We make sure to sit down and talk with you to get a complete understanding of what you want to happen.

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We work with highly experienced professional architects and engineers who combine forces to come up with unique designs.

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Full Supervision

We provide complete control and monitoring throughout the planning, designing, and construction process.

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World Class Architecture for All

We are a group of Bulgarians who have decided to build our homes and set up shop in Boston, USA. Bulgarian Architects is a result of our passion for excellent service, something that we were taught and trained to do back in our homeland. We gathered our resources and combined our talents and skills and created a company dedicated to helping build world class homes, buildings, and other structures.

Partners and Friends

We are a community of architects, interior designers, and creative specialists. We are partners whose mission is to offer exceptional architectural services. But first and foremost, we are friends who value the importance of loyalty, integrity, and honesty. And these are what we give our clients; we treat them not just as clients or partners, we also look at them as our friends whose dreams we can turn into reality.

Creative and Innovative Architecture

World class architecture blends the past, the present, and the future. This is what Bulgarian Architects is all about. While we can build the most beautiful medieval Bulgarian-inspired structures, we can also design contemporary buildings for you. Likewise, we plan and execute state-of-the-art projects that combine modern technology with standard contemporary techniques and practices. Our creativity and innovation levels are flexible.

Reliable Boston Architectural Services

We chose Boston because it is rich in history and culture; because of its vibrant architecture scene. We chose Boston because we know the city by heart. As such, we guarantee you first class personalized services, no matter where you are in Boston. Whether you want a building in the Greater Boston region, or you prefer to build your home in one of the Victorian-era neighborhoods in the city, we will give you what you want. And because we love Boston, we know exactly how (or where) to turn those simple dreams into stylish realities.