Architecture & Design

We design homes, buildings, and other structures that are not only of top quality but are also functional and stylish. For us, every project is a special endeavor, so we give it 150% of our time, talent & skills, efforts, dedication, and passion. We work with you every step of the way, from the first few line representations of your dream home or building, down to the execution and completion of the project. You’ll enjoy personalized professional treatment regardless of the type, size, and total cost of your home or building.


Consultation, Observation, and Studies

The first process in all our projects is consultation. We make sure to sit down and talk with you to get a complete understanding of what you want to happen. Likewise, we value discussions with our clients because this allows us to determine how possible a project is, as well as to identify which factors need to be corrected or improved. Consultations are essential for strategic planning and total project assessment. Observations and studies allow us to investigate and determine the effectiveness of a project, especially regarding clients’ investments.


We work with highly experienced professional architects and engineers who combine forces to come up with unique designs that give your home or building a distinct characteristic. We provide full design services, from the development process to interior designing, all the way to project completion. Our designers are keen observers and know how to pay attention to details. They are creative and innovative and believe in thinking outside the box.


Full Supervision

Here at Bulgarian Architects, we value of clients and treat them as treasures. As such, we provide complete control and monitoring throughout the planning, designing, and construction process.