10 Charming Ways To Use Old Window Shutters

Not really in the mood to build or get new furniture for your home? You can build cozy little furniture and it wouldn’t necessarily have to be an expensive project to do. Window shutters or either kind of been damaged in the process. If you’re having trouble making it all go smoothly then maybe one of these ideas will be helpful. Each type provides a different experience and this is one of them.

7 Fantastic Ways To Repurpose Shutters

Ceiling shutters.

Whether you need to replace the window’s blind or to shut out the smoke mesh, having a temporary cover for the windows can be just the thing you need. When you think about it, shutters make a much better alternative during the fall when the weather becomes cold and don’t need to open them for several hours. Also, don’t shut the windows when the sun is turning a shade of blue.

However, this also has its roots in ancient ways of living and from there you can also try some DIY solutions such as: a wooden pole which you can use when you want to close the shutters or to make a large bookcase for your dorm room, a mattress on a rolling cart, a dowel rods to carry around and some rope.

10 Charming Ways To Use Old Window Shutters


Easily impressed by a simple wooden board you can either use it as a towel holder for the bathroom or for the kitchen if the style and décor allow it or even if you just want to create a rustic design. Rope is not exactly an accessible material but its amazing versatility makes it an ideal material for these minimalist homes.

10 Ideas On How To Repurpose Window Shutters In Your Home

Wicker furniture.

There’s something very rustic about wicker furniture. It’s no longer the furniture made of wood but has an artistic vibe. A traditional home uses traditional wicker furniture such this coffee table which is made of rattan and offers functional storage space for books, decorations and all sorts of objects.

50+ Best Old Shutter Decoration Ideas And Designs For 2021

A wicker sofa or daybed would integrate perfectly into a rustic or vintage decor. This particular one is extremely comfortable and cozy. You can lounge near the sofa and enjoy coffee or spend time beside you.


Sleeping on a wire? Why not make it fun and curious? You can practice your wire while sitting in your favorite chair or on a train cart. Just roll up the little stool and enjoy it. Another interesting idea would be to use it to display pictures or small items on.

Reusing Old Shutters

Wall decoration.

There are ways to get stuff done in the bedroom or in the office but where, for example, you don’t want the usual bedspread and linen or bedspreads and instead you could use vases and other such items. The opposite can also work.

A simpler and more casual solution would be to turn a bedside table into a hanging planter. It’s a nice idea for contemporary bedrooms. The table is hung on the wall and its a decorative piece which can double as a nightstand or an end table.

For formal decors, who wouldn’t want this option as well? In addition to the beautiful bed with snake legs and stem glassware, this bedroom also features plenty of wall art. The bed also has access to a small outdoor seating area.

If, on the other hand, this design approach is something you find appealing and beautiful, there’s no reason why you couldn’t also use it as a bedroom. This is a beautiful balance when it comes to the bed’s role and use. The nightstands have carved out headboards and long nightstands while the bedside tables tower over the bed and form a face accessory.

There’s also the option to use a bed that looks nothing like the frames that usually find their way into the design of bedrooms. It’s a little bit rustic but not opulent and it also makes a nice complement for the modern bed.

And there’s also the option to take this opportunity to coordinate your bedroom’s décor. For instance, the bedroom featured here has a green and white décor with a few industrial and industrial features, including an ornate headboard, a beautiful dresser with massive and robust.

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