10 Christmas Washi Tape Ideas for the Holiday Season

Washi tape originated in Japan and it is a type of masking tape that is used to make all sorts of things including clothes and even jewelry. They’re not all present Christmastime so you need to use your imagination to come up with fresh ones.

10 Ways To Washi Your Holidays: Washi Tape Christmas Cards

If you want to make something festive and colorful that you can display outside of your home, we just found the perfect idea: a Christmas washi tape Christmas tree. It’s something that you can make for yourself or as a gift or you can purchase it for someone more crafty.

For those that like to keep things simple, we have a wonderful idea: make a mini Christmas tree out of washi tape. Clean the washi tape and then create a perfect design using scissors and an angled vase. You can use an existing tree shape or try to use the idea if you already have one.

Simple Washi Tape Christmas Trees Garland

Another simple thing to do is make a clothespin Christmas tree. You need a tree template, clothes pins, a ruler and them to also make the bottom section of the clothespin. Put the clothespins in place and then attach the little blinders.

Washi Tape Christmas Card Ideas

You can make a lot of fun things with washi tape. For example, you can make a paper mache Christmas tree. All you need for this project is colored paper, a sharpie and washi tape. Decide on a design, cut the paper and then decorate the tree.

Easy Kid Made Christmas Cards

Another simple Christmas tree made using sheets of washi tape. You need around 12 sheets of washi tape and five for the bottom. Decorate the tree however you want.

6 Easy Washi Tape Christmas Cards That You Can Make With Kids

The Christmas tree is also decorated with ribbon. You can make one in only one month. Use two sheets of washi tape for the base. Then cut some burlap fabric and wrap it around the middle section using tape. Add ribbon and then attach it to the tree.

Top 10 Christmas Crafts Using Washi Tape

You can make really cute and colorful Christmas tree using all sorts of colorful washi tape. You need around 60 to make such a tree. Decorate the tree with washi tape. Then attach the colorful beads and feel free to use your imagination to create all sorts of designs and patterns.

You know how boho chic designs are and you use washi tape to make cute and beautiful wall decorations? Well, take that trend a step further and use a different kind of washi tape for each corresponding section of the tree.

How about using a tape with a cute star pattern to make a Christmas tree decoration. Start with a 20-inch piece of tape and start covering the entire tree with washi tape. Cut it in any one of different patterned about 30? wide, then place it up on the tree stand. Add a few beads as well for a bit of contrast. Don’t forget to put all your tape to the tape out on the tree himself.

There are lots of ways in which you can decorate a plain and simple tree such as with tape and whatever else you can do to it. For instance, you could make stripes. Start with 20 strips of tape (20mm-5mm), cut 5? long, with a knife or scissors, cut approximately 2? on both sides. Wrap the stripes around the tree trunk a few times (stripes are made in a technique called flexing a cone), gently pull taught).

Another idea is to use colored tape. Wrap colored tape around the tree trunk and start from the front and make a striped portion from the back. Wrap the tape to show the colors and then cut a few rows of colored tape and slide the stripes through. splits the stripes however you want and at the end just hang the decoration.

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