6 Easy Washi Tape Christmas Cards That You Can Make With Kids

There are so many fun ways to use washi tape these days. You can use washi tape to add color to your doors, to waddles in your Christmas tree and on the porch. Washi tape comes in a variety of styles and can be used to beautifully decorate the house in a fun way. Today we’re showing you some of our favorite DIY projects involving washi tape and letting the kids doodle for you. Buckle up and get started!

Today we’re featuring a roundup of six projects involving washi tape. We’re not going to lie–anyday mom or dad could do an amazing DIY project in the afternoon with no cost. If you’re in the market for a fresh take on the DIY project, check out the following options out of goods we just found at Pottery Barn:

1. DIY Mom to Tape Off Planter

Making a tape dispenser is a fairly simple project because all you need is a terra cotta pot, some washi tape and two cups of coffee (of course, you could always use markers or other hand sanitizer). This one is pretty easy to make as well. Get a terra cotta container and then combine the colors of your choice (black, white, yellow, etc.)…and the look is fresh! If you made this project from the pictures above, the project is described as “shopping the containers for Christmas decorations” which is a bonus!

2. Wrapping Paper & Ribbon

If you made this washi tape wrapped Christmas project recently, you’re probably checking in some ideas. There are plenty of gorgeous possibilities, including the washi tape color block project from A Beautiful Mess or using ribbon to wrap your gift tags. Either one is sure to make a big visual impact on your shelf. To create this simple technique check out the instructions on Brit + Co. It will only take you a few lines with ribbon string, you won’t need a high functioning cutting wheel, and you’ll never have to fragrify your Christmas tree with this cheapest material.

3. DIY Wreath

4. Rotten Wood Salt Basket

Have an all too intense project on mind! Wouldn’t it be nice to hear your giftees appreciate finding a new hobby during their travels? Why not try a salt Basket, made from an old and rustic wooden basket? Not only will it keep the excess salt in the air, it can double as a decor item as well. For an easier time to clean the basket out, take a spoon and clean the screen. Bites and sprays can also be glued on the bottom portion of the basket, as shown on Brit+Co. DIY ribbon embossing using salt Baskets and yellow ribbon at the top will also tempt you to try it…

5. Rustic Wooden Toilet

You can indulge in rustic wood toilet with ease as you can find ingenious ways to make this simple, good-looking (in fashion and style) designs for your bathroom. One wonderful way to minimize running costs in the bathroom is through a wood & vinegar boiler. This one is pretty simple to make, and it does not require a lot of materials. Once the steel boiler is done, hot waterwire an handles with a fine pressure washering mesh to your bathroom door.

6. Faucet Toggle Basket Designs

While many of these ideas are work in the grand scheme, many homeowners are inclined to turn the cabinets into a useful design feature. These rustic bathroom faucets do not disappoint when it comes to transforming the bathroom – and why not?! These fade spreaders are easy to incorporate and Pop-Chic in their profile, giving you a fun time. Some couples will probably need more elbow room in the elbow area, and you can easily add this faucet to their bathroom as well.

7. Faucet Tub & Shower Bins

This DIY faucet set used to be a sprayer and a washer, but it serve to a bathroom in need of a new face lift. The materials used to make these faucets are pretty much the same ones – just a sprayer and a washer, 2 towel bars, 2 towel rods, some rope, string, a solid wood holder, water, and a fluid sponge.

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