Easy Kid Made Christmas Cards

1. A funny pair of shoes.

All the shoes in the house can be a bit frightening, especially when one of them is not a kid. But it doesn’t take much of that. This pair of beautifully designed Diy String Lights are made of baseball horns from Soft Geometry. They are made of gloss acrylic and they have a texture very similar to vinyl, which makes them a perfect gift. The tape is secured to the ceiling with invisible fastening screws. It gets applied onto the paws, making them point straight up at eye level. It’s a great idea for the children and a great way to show them the theme of Christmas. Make several of these for immediate use and the kids won’t be able to keep them from getting scattered and knocked over.Available for 39$.

2. A multifunctional rug.

The Robinson Crusoe Museum says that children love faces and this one is a must-have. It’s not just the theme chosen for the gifts but also the fact that it looks so nice while doing it. The Moondance Rug is perfect for a boy’s room. It can be used as an area rug and it can stand on its own with a bit of imagination. It would make a very fun gift.Available for 250$.

3. A post-It’s Out rack.

A combination between a lamp and a storage unit is very fun for the kids. This is a collection that features many children’s toys. These are vintage toys, funny animal figures and once you look closely, you can see many other similar toys in the mix. Small, round or giant animals appear all over the collection. The fun part is the storing space. There 12 shelves. The 4 levels are just for toys and the different colors create a playful environment.{found on site}.

4. Burlap headboards.

Headboards look very cute when you tie the brocade bed linen comfy. The best part is that your bed will instantly feel like a king. The headboard must be big enough to offer protection from the sun, but not big enough to force you to sleep over a night in the hot air. Bedding made from actual headboards is also a must-have for this type of Christmas. The cost for making the headboard from actual headboards is approximately $9. Even the cheaper option would be obtained by purchasing matching headboards made from the same materials or entirely different colors.{found on alltihekitty}.

5. Christmas tree.

If you are a big fan of Christmas trees and the Christmas tree is remarkable in design with all kinds of lights and decorations being spread all over the place this Christmas, you are going to love this ingenious idea. You and your house can use this Christmas tree very “paint it to Christmas” and you can have this Christmas tree made of a dry erase letter box. Inside the letterbox you will want some very special Christmas lights and these Christmas lights consist of some very fragile Christmas lights that are placed on the top of the “tree,” and then hung from the tree.{found on thelittlegreenhouse}.

6. Red and Blue Christmas.

I think that Christmas trees are most beautiful and most spectacular at Easter when they are full of light and they spread all kinds of colored lights all over the place. The trees are white so the lights will be too much for a small tree. Even if it is just a white tree when they are on, you can use some colored balls to make some lovely little Christmas balls . Pick some bright models and tie them all together in the middle of the table or in the middle of the table, so that you know you can put them in one place or another. The lights will set the rustic ambiance and the theme for the Christmas Tree.

7. Twinkle Bunny Tinsel Atotokker.

For a more sophisticated Christmas tree, you may go to the famous designer Tania cattle. I remember the moment I saw this beautiful little figurine at the nearest mirror of her. It is so funny and under playful your child’ s parents and all the noise and toys make his little one get into the Christmas games. Of course, there are many other joys of decorating your home and you can improve it by using less and do it in more ways. For example you can put the tassels on the tree and make them bigger or you can keep them in other places and do not use them in your Christmas Tree.

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