Top 10 Christmas Crafts Using Washi Tape

Christmas is a time of expectation and for some of us it is also a time to get our decorations ready and get rid of all the decorations that were just spread all over the house. In order to give you a taste of what it’s like to decorate Christmas wows, we have done a few DIY projects using washi tape.

10 Christmas WOWs You Can Do

They are rather boring and impersonal even though you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to look exactly like them, they are of little help when you decorate your home to please the spirit of Christmas. Here are some simple and creative Christmas decorations you can make using washi tape.So use this opportunity to use your imagination and come up with original ideas. We got you some great Christmas decorations as Christmas.So stop filling the Christmas tree with all your ribbons and clichees. Let’s see how you can make something beautiful for your home.

Have a difficult time imagining how you’ll be doing it? Just take a look at these gorgeous Christmas decorations. They are white and simple and very sweet. We love the fireplace insert or the wreath hanging on the wall. They add texture and color to the room and they’re also subtle enough not to interfere with the color scheme of the room.{found on etsy}.

These starched star trim actually looks very realistic and it’s definitely a decoration you can craft yourself. Start with white stars on the silver background and then add black trim around the star and then combine the other two colors as you see needed.{found on site}.

Speaking of fans, here’s how you can use them to make stylish wreaths that tell a story. It’s a suggestion that was put together by Makehome of how to use fans as decorations in a room. It’s cute and it’s practical as you can probably imagine. The traditional wreaths with white on silver, gray and a touch of clear always look beautiful no matter how the season changes.{found on idlehandsawake}.

Making a light Christmas tree can be a challenge but, at the same time, you can maintain a rustic yet colorful decor. You need lots of jingle bells and some string lights. To make something similar you need juke boxes, a hot glue gun, a square dowel and bells.{found on quartoswoon}.

Using a basket and some juke boxes with different sizes, you can make some lovely outdoor wooden juke boxes for your garden or patio. First cut the juke boxes down to the size you want. Then start building the frame. Cut four pieces of jukebox frame to make the sides. Then organize the boxes inside the basket and wrap juke boxes inside. Glue the boxes inside.{found on lineyhouse}.

This is a simpler version of the juke box centerpiece. To make it, first take a wooden bowl like the one on modishandgraceblog. Put some newspapers in it as well as some string, twine and cling-cement. Then take the bottles you made from book and place them inside the basket. Attach two small pieces of juke boxes to each other and make a small column. Fill the column with Indian sand and other sand until it’s clean and you’re happy with the design.{found on kelly}.

Be creative and make custom Christmas ornaments out of wood slices and other leftover pieces of wood. You can either get some slices of dowels leftover from other projects or buy some ready-made slices. Decorate them with black or red ornaments and then glue them all to a wooden ornament.{found on thenextbird}.

If you’d like, you can make ornaments out of rocks too. You need five tokelet strips, a glue gun and glass beads. First make a bunch of strips out of glass bead shapes. Then use a glass bead snap to hold it in place and the strands. When you glue the beads, the universe will be revealed.{found on jessicherewho}.

These stylish ornaments celebrate the beauty and magic of the Christmas tree. They’re made using branches from a whole bunch of twigs and branches. Start with a square wood table runner and decide how many pieces you’ll need. Tape off a small hoop and fill it with branches and twigs. Then paint each piece from the start with a black craft paint.

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