Top 10 Christmas Crafts Using Washi Tape

Christmas is a very special time of the year. In the tradition of the holidays, someone has to spend time outside in the garden reccelling fun with old ornaments and adorning the tree with various weschti. Also, this year we are focusing a lot on the Christmas tree decorations. We have prepared a top 10 projects for you to join in the fun. Here they are:

Mini Christmas Tree Wreaths.

Give your guests a Christmas wreath in the hearth. Make a few small ones to fill up your empty porch.

Posh Houses.

A tall, bare house in the middle of a forest, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, will definitely become the centerpiece of your Christmas decor. Use them as you decorating wreath so the house always looks full and happy.

A festive village.

If your guests will be welcomed this Christmas with a big and bright wreath to take a role at. Make sure the place is cozy and warm. Make a beautiful mini wooden village. Find all the tiny decorations you can find.

Make a cozy snowman.

What better project to have your miniature snowman made this Christmas than making a wreath to cover the foyer foyer of your house? Once your foyer is ready, you can make the wreath and decorate it with all sorts of other items you may already have.

Send a message with a festive snowman.

For trick-or-treaters, make a snowman ornament for their mantel, table, table, etc. this can also be a festive project to do with their kids or other friend coming over for dinner. The supplies you need include styrofoam disks, red, white and blue craft paint, cotton twine and googly eyes.

Hang a wreath.

The decorations you place on the mantel are an important function for Christmas. But you don’t want the guests to see them which can open a window to the house. You’ll be happy to know that wreaths are also a great decoration for the fireplace mantel too. Find a design you like and then decorate the wreath with red, white and blue flowers.

Make a twinkle lampshade.

For the Christmas Eve you can try making a twinkle lampshade. You’ll need plenty of time for this craft and it will not only look good but will also be really cool to look at for a long time. You can make a twine lampshade or you can just use a piece of wood and a nice stick or a bird that are sturdy enough to support the lamp. This would also give you a chance to decorate your mantel with a twine.

Repurpose an empty jar.

One of the easiest things you can do is make votive candles. All you need for this project is some candles, mason jars and a glue gun. First you need to cut off the top of the jar. Then take a handle and make a knot for the handle. It’s important to use the glue gun because it helps. Punch out holes and run the twine through them. Glue it to the bottom of the jar.

Make a macrame plant hanger.

For this project you’ll need a macrame ring and a bunch of twine. Start to wrap the twine around the ring, starting from the bottom and completing all the knots. When you’re wrapping try to make sure you cut all the loops short so the twine can come out too. Glue the yarn to the ring and continue with the colored yarn.

Hanging around the door.

The secret to a great Christmas décor is hanging up all the yarn at the same time so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can make a macrame door using as many yarn pieces as you need. They can be thin and tied around the door to make it look nice.

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