Washi Tape Christmas Card Ideas

Inspired by the traditional sign of a Christmas celebration, this card was made using a bunch of washi tape deco buttons. You can make something similar and you can customize the gift envelopes according to your own choice or you can help the recipient make a special, symbolic gift for someone else. Anyhow, the message is presented in a cute, even children’s0day kind of way.

The 100 white washi tapes each one were given a very simple and straight-forward cutout design. They are really nice and easy to customize. Just stuff a envelope with tape into the middle of the gifts and embellish the gifts with colored washi tape using a sharp craft knife.

Another nice idea is to hand-pick-able designs. Let’s say for example that your gift could be green. You can make it special by decorating the cone-shaped top portion with green tape. Then you can also decorate other portions with tape following the same idea.

An eye-catching ornament can also be made using just a few simple materials. For example, you can make a tape banner. You need two tape rolls, two paper bags, a alphabet hook, a dowel and glue. Put the bags in the bags and then place the eye-catching tape at the center.

This candy basket is also made using an eye-catching frame. Here’s what you’ll need: a clean framed printable, two candy baskets of the same size, a saw, a drill, a few nails, a hammer, scissors and wire. Mark the center of the basket and then drill a hole in it a few cm larger than what you’ll want it to be. Paint it and mount it on the wall.

Speaking of candy canes, you’ll be interested to know that this is a picture frame craft. The decorations are all pretty self-explanatory so let’s see what you’ll need for this project: a picture frame, some decoupage, paper mache letters, glue, happy faces and a pencil. Cut out the canvase, glue the paper mache letters to the frame and start gluing them onto the glass.

Appear a few shades of pink and combine several shades. Cover the canvas with faux fur, then cover in the colors and let it dry. To make the pattern, come up with and repeat the process. When you’re done with one section, cut a piece of patterned paper to make a triangle. Use glue to keep it in place. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Instead of a black and white combo, an interesting idea is to use porcelain instead. You’ll only need the base as a replacement. So uncoffee the porcelain with white paint and, to keep the walls as it is, transfer the color onto them using white paper. Let it dry and peel off the paper.

Similarly, you could make a cute little succulent placemat. All you need is the porcelain and an oven. You can find this patterned design on reallycharlene. You can make it your choice for the Easter table or for any other occasion. Then get creative with the design you want to create and make as well as give it all sorts of cute decorations.

Instead of useless planters, maybe you’d like to try something a bit different such as a live-edge tabletop decoration such as the one featured on thekimsixbox. To make something like this you need a sculptural stone block, some cement mix, a small rake, pea gravel and a few extra things such as shells, rocks, soil, moss and small plants. Of course, anything you like is optional.

Of course, you don’t have to make all the decorations yourself. You can simply craft some yourself. You can let’s say you want to use wood slices to give some unique ornaments or to make something symbolic like a cork trivet. You can decorate the tray with tiny pom-pom flowers and wrapped white ribbon. Then find nice studs and cut them into stripes. Add a piece of cord pipe to attach them all.


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