Smart Shoe Storage Ideas To Save Space

With a multitude of open and closed shelves and shoe racks all over the place, it makes sense to be able to keep all your shoes organized. It gives you more space to store and display the potted plants but it also requires a bit of space for the coats. No more arguments about being in the closet trying to find the perfect pair of shoes. Let’s face it, that pairs will always be at the back of your closet, on the flanks of the closet or even inside the closet when you’re trying to fit all your pairs of shoes.

If you’re not a fan of s-placing shoe racks in your closet, its difficult to find functionalities. Most of them sit nearby in case you’re having trouble finding one. Here, you can see that there’s a variety of shelves, some with compartments for all your pairs shoes along with hooks for all your pairs.

One shelf can sit on one side of the closet, with closed compartments for all your pairs. And another one can sit on the other side of the walk-in and still be hidden inside the unit. It’s all about saving space, giving you more room and maintaining order in your organized life. Another great thing about hidden storage compartments is versatility. Here, we’ve found a very beautiful dresser which can be converted to room dress or leave out on the hallway. It can be hidden behind the mirror.

And speaking of practical, in case you ever need extra storage, you can add this folding closet organizer to the bathroom or the pantry. It saves you the trouble and space-efficiency to add something like this when you’re trying to make the most out of your closet.Available for $70.

Here’s another organization idea, this time from Shelterness. This closet organizer is great for clothes, shoes, and accessories. It’s subtle enough to not distract the attention from the clothes but leaving the shoes look exposed, in a way that’s both practical and pretty.

Need some new storage for your raincoats or your garden tools? How about this raincoat closet organizer? It’s elegant and simple but it makes it worth a third try. You can hang it anywhere and the fabric or leather looks really nice.Available for $48.

These patterned cardboard panels are a great way to store all sorts of things, from blankets to blankets for the extra necessities. And they’re really easy to install. All you need is some regular cardboard tubes, some strong glue and a ruler.Matte finish color should be able to tell what the exactly measurements of your items are.

Clothespins, boxes, wood, tin can … they’re all great options for those of you have pets or small kids. But hiding them in the closet is not the best idea. You could just for the clothes itself. We’re talking about this clothes holder that looks like a store-bought clothes slot.

While some rooms seem to have too many drawer drawers, this one is actually quite spacious. And it’s hidden inside a sleek wall-mounted cubby. The cubby even has a secret door with extra storage for what you need the most.

Although we’re not sure if this cubby can be put together to form a headboard or if it even includes a headboard, the idea of a built-in shelf that you can push out and close whenever you want is definitely possible. All the great ideas you can use to create such a feature look great in your own bedroom.

Bathroom storage

Speaking of storage options, bathroom mirrors and storage baskets are just one of the things you can look out for when planning a bathroom renovation or remodel. There are also shelving alternatives as well and you can always just hide them behind closed doors.

You can also just as easily hide a few shelves inside your walls if you don’t want to sacrifice the natural light. In fact, the mirrors with frames have started to make a statement.

What you can do with store towels in is that rather than making them look like a prop, you can use them to frame some of your bathroom’s beautiful pieces. Transform the towels into storage surfaces that you can hang in key locations and display your favorite towels.

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