Wooden Shoe Rack Designs

Wooden shoe racks never get old. They’re always in practical need of new use and they remain a great and simple way of organizing and displaying the shoes. It’s why they’re usually found in almost any home. But regardless of that, there’s at least a way to make sure they’re always clean and organized and they’re always in practical need of you. These wooden shoe racks are the perfect solution.

A simple and efficient way of making sure your shoes and their accessories are always in easy reach is to opt for a transparent and clean design. This way the shoes themselves will blend in and will actually stand out, even if the rest of the décor is minimalist and neutral.

Here’s a shoe rack that better suits the space than the typical ones. It’s made out of wood and has three levels. What’s interesting is the way in which the four thin metal legs have been attached to the wall. This gives the rack a lightweight look while also maintaining a solid and sturdy construction.

If you want to save some space in the room, this shoe rack is really cool. It can sit pretty on the side of the room and it’s easy to keep positioned close to the furniture and to secure the rack against the wall inside the closet. The four metal shelves are sturdy and very versatile as well as very practical.

This is another somewhat similar structure but in this case the design is more in synch with modern interior designs. It has a large shoe shelf and a design that’s a bit more on the industrial side but not necessarily so much in terms of style.

You can combine a shoe rack, storage unit and a boot compartment to create a custom storage unit for your shoes with ease and around two-thirds of the compartment are used for accessories. This one is made using scrap wood and is fairly easy to put together.

Here’s another metal shoe rack, this time with a bit bigger frame. It’s great for casual pairs of shoes which are usually taller than the regular ones. The reclaimed metal shelves provide lots of storage for extra bags, hats and various other things and you can find a few designs that are both nice and practical.

You can also find some funky designs for a storage system if you know how to build it yourself. It’s a system that saves you floor space and doesn’t allow you to change the way the room is organized. Instead of having to think of it as a big cabinet, you can use it as an organizer.

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