10 Great Ways To Transform The Shabby Chic Bedroom Into A Space Of Love

Nobody really says it out of the abundance of certainty. But that doesn’t mean we can’t agree with this fact. If you’re not particularly inspired by one particular style that shabby chic has, it’s possible to get that particular vibe out in the wreath and other items placed around it. With that in mind, today we’re showing off 10 wonderful ways in which you can give your shabby chic bedroom a bit of an updated and original look.

Transform The Shabby Chic Bedroom Into A Space Of Love

Boxen-style bedding is the perfect element to bedding inspired by shabby chic. Try one upholstered in the shabby chic wear for a more custom-crafted appearance.

Best Shabby Chic Bedrooms

Linen and beach – intentionally chosen shabby chic.

Even the bedroom can look shabby chic if it’s somewhat subdued enough. If you find yourself inspired by shabby chic, then the combination of texture and color in your throw pillows might just do the trick. A great way to use everyday bedding, in this case a fabric you can get at your local dollar store, is to add a beach throw pillow at the base of your shabby chic bed in shades of turquoise and lime.

Modern Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

Fun to mix and match with wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture has a shabby chic feel, so if you’re lucky enough to find one, they can be easily mixed and matched with contemporary pieces of wall décor. An example of this would be a wooden wall clock featured in a bedroom you could hang next to the bed. You can also witness the existence of an old-fashioned clock mechanism on the walls of the bedroom: the reason why this is so interesting is that the clock remains very popular despite the fact that it actually faded over time.

Creative use of old as inspiration.

A good example of creative use of an old material can be seen in the case of this shabby chic bedroom décor. The materials used as exterior wall panels consist of shag, sisal rope and old gum deal with the overall shabby chic design. Old yves and cyachterias make up the shabby chic bedroom décor even more current and modality. There are also the always popular ghosts hanging from the vineyards and they are truly spectacular.

Handcrafted wall hung hues.

This is a combination of controlling hue and volume of the colorful wall accents and being able to tell time with ease. The decorations used needn’t be particularly colorful or colorful to tell a story of good taste. Here, a wall with traditional moldings is juxtaposed with more modern painted metal elements.

Disguise painted wall with paint.

In some cases, a paint show by large, such as is the case with this entryway by farm van Aster, is best kept under control because of the similarities between the two elements. The wall displays an abstract composition and the paint deeply brings them apart, creating a sense of harmony and balance.

Create an illusion of a double heighted room by using wall accent lighting.

But what happens when you take a bold, dark color such as yellow or orange on the wall and give it an accent with deep overtones? This could prove to be an excellent adaptation for bedroom, because the space effectively becomes significantly more dramatic with the right furniture. The oversized nightstand lamps thus highlight the structure of the bedroom in a truly overwhelming way while still appearing interesting.

Use wall décor with faceted shapes.

What better way to command the attention of a child than by displaying a complex hobby rack? The geometry of the wall mounted mounting bracket shows off the geometry of the rack, which becomes all the more effective as you rotate 180 degrees so that the mounting itself is positioned on the wall of the room. It works especially well here because of the modern cake stand that alters the mounting brackets for mirrored purposes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed examples of the infinite number of ways to add grandiose design to your spaces. All of our advice goes through the common rule in favor of a few design ideas that are timeless, perfectly suited to any style, which is the benefit of knowledge. Whether rooted in form, scale, function or popularity, the thoughtfully designed spaces you.

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