10 Small Storage Flat Shelves to Add Interest to a Living Room

While at times space is real or real for most people, that doesn’t mean every room in your home has to be tiny. Small living rooms are actually ideal for storage-focused spaces. As long as all storage items are contained, the room is actually preferable to be lighter and visually spacious.

50 Tiny Apartment Storage And Shelving Ideas That Work For Everyone!

In this article, we’ll look at different ways to maximize space in a living room to make a difference.

20 Genius Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

How to Make a Storage Flat Shelve TV.

Let’s start by turning one of the living room walls (assuming there’s enough room) a vibrant color. Then, of course, changing the color palette of the room as we go, and adding a couple of warmer tones. Keep things simple and interesting with texture and color combinations.

How to Make a Wooden Media Box Undermount TV.

If you’re at all familiar with retro media boxes, you recognize that feeling. It’s becoming more and more common to find matching equipment under a single storage unit. It saves you multiple cleanup time and doesn’t occupy too much room in your decorating budget, making your modern décor feel complete.

Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

However, wood media boxes bring in that lovely warm feeling of having “the right feeling” to a space, which is perfect when you want to create the room’s specific feel. For instance, a wooden media box undermounts into the media unit, which makes the combination easy and visually appealing.

Tiny Apartment Storage And Shelving Ideas That Work For Everyone!

How to Make a Flat Screen TV Standout.

To make the TV stand out visually, you could choose a strong, noticeable color that contrasts with the TV’s surroundings. If the TV is patterned or underwater, you could use a mid-toned wood.

Genius Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

The difference is, however, that the color takes an emphasis on the stand as a whole. This works particularly well if the stand is made up of separate blocks that mirror each other behind a sliding glass door.

13 Cheap Bookshelves That Are Clever-Approved And Will Make You Look Smart

Because the TV is mounted on the stand, you could clock the live wiring as you please, creating a perfect balance between live TV and the living room TV (or vice versa). And here’s a cool idea: add a beautiful mirror inside a wood cabinet, above the mini hole that serves as a functional horizontal light.

And speaking of horizontal lighting, here’s another design idea: install some sconces or ceiling lights, depending on the size of the TV, in opposite directions so it is perfectly balanced. They look more at home in traditional homes with high ceilings.

How to Install a Curved Surface In a Space

As mentioned, the advantage of using a rounded front door is that there are no sharp corners in choosing a rug with sharp angles and no attention, especially if you prefer the round look in smaller rooms of the house. A mirror that goes along the center of the front door is a perfect choice for a curved entry way look.

9 Creative Book Storage Hacks For Small Apartments

Rectangular ones can look just as stylish, but tend to get a bit more attention. The beauty of the round shape in this dining room is its elegance, while the white walls in the middle of this room look chic and stylish.

Curved back doors and with curved design elements bring an extra touch of class to any home. If the layout of the home allows it, a curved front door will do the trick.

10 Small Storage Flat Shelves To Add Interest To A Living Room

For more traditional home, you can opt for doors that open to the side, or inside out on the sides, creating an interesting space from straight lines. In any case, curved designs are always appropriate.

How to Choose Practical Storage Systems.

The usual storage arrangement for any part of a home is just a unit above the door. This is more of a guideline. It’s nothing that you can go wrong with, but there are a few things that can really make the difference between a clearly divided and clogged space, where the key component is the one supplying the energy and water, or where grease is an issue.

If you’re eyeing the perfect kitchen door, don’t hesitate to go for a second round of this test-run guide. It’ll help you narrow down what you need for the best kitchen door fit.

And here we’ve got an idea of what you may find beneficial in your remod.

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