10 Ways To Upgrade Your Housewarming Party Table

Every housewarming party is a little more special than the others. And it’s not every day that the tables are the centerpiece of the party. If you’re ready to try a new DIY idea, where do you keep your pens locked in for summer? The answer could be some extra time. Those new construction booths that regularly fill the days fly the minute the pizzas are over. Chalkboards are a quick way to jump start the weekend before it actually starts. And if you don’t have a lot of supplies or room for fancy napkin rings, it’s time to have some fun with some party decor. Check out these 10 ways to upgrade your housewarming party table and invite the neighbors to help you decorate by themselves.

10 Ways To Upgrade Your Housewarming Party Table

There’s nothing like a DIY that is helpful and useful in the long run. Make your neighbor a bottle of wine to keep in your car for parties and barbecues all year round.

Housewarming Party Table

Who doesn’t enjoy a good bottle of wine from time to time? Use the fridge to give some to your guests in an afternoon. Then sort through all your bottles before they arrive. You’ll even encourage them to keep up.

Get your plastic bottles and stuff. Make these pretty paper tubes for some simple yet lovely party decor. Not only will they be useful to you, they won’t leave fingerprints everywhere.

Ways To Upgrade Your Housewarming Party Table

Out of time rolls, that’s all you need to make a marbled wine glass this time. just glue a little marble contact paper on all of the usual permanent parts of the table. Then just pop the wine glasses away. If you need another idea for this, try creating marbled candlesticks.

Upgrade Your Housewarming Party Table

Just because most of us have a lamp in our living room doesn’t mean that we should give up the functionality. Grab a roll of black paper streamers and give it bright eyes by using it on the party. Brilliant idea!

Concrete isn’t really a color at all to describe an outdoor party space so you can use it to your advantage to create a marbled look for your party table. Paired with some houseplants, you’ll have the most amazing outdoor party atmosphere on earth.

When you have kids, you spend a good proportion of time planning the drinks. And I’m talking about the party drinks right down to the little person! Just imagine these pretty party favor bags on your outdoor table. And if your hostess doesn’t have the thing she desires, feel free to make one yourself.

Tassels are super summery and transparent, and all it takes is to dye them! You can use to make these embroidered tassels which will look lovely holding your drinks. A set includes two tassel sizes.

Here’s another lovely idea that will make your patio feel like a real party place. Use the tutorial to create an outdoor party skirt for all your guests. You can even create the pattern using fabric paint. It’s all so easy, you just need a stencil. If you can’t find a stencil, try your hand at it!

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