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Wicker furniture is making its way into our homes, so it is no wonder that while some have begun to argue that wicker patio furniture comes in a variety of forms, there is no denying the secure and pretty color choices that make a modern and classy addition to your patio. And with the growing popularity of patio dining tables, wicker patio furniture sets will surely be popular as they are easy to maintain and will cost you a fortune. But, what really sets apart from other wicker furniture styles is its unique aesthetics and how much it doubles as decor. From the sturdy and stylish seats to the intriguing table, we bring you our 15 favorite wicker patio furniture sets – the perfect storm for your casual outdoor gatherings.

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Sign & Battins

If you are thinking of adding a wrought iron Battins table, this one from Terrain may be the one for you – think again! Measuring 18.38 x 42 x 36 inches, these low-hanging tables from Spagnol are crafted from weather-resistant plastic and come either from Spagnol online or brick and mortar. What’s great about this style is that you can optionally choose a ten-year-old material as a base for the table, or you can simply use the natural colors and variations to jazz up your patio dining space.

Eco-Friendly Tables

It is always the balcony that offers the most amazing views with weather-resistant drapes that look marvelous from any window in your house. That doesn’t mean that your tables will look as bland as they may. This gorgeous, gray SafeBiteCable table is a great example of a table that captures the minimalist vibe of its surroundings. It’s understated but also chic enough to entice conversations, whether privacy orlivity.

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Patio Furniture For Your Outdoor Space

Modern Elegance

For a patio dining space that appeals to you, look no further than this Elegant Series D chairs by GlasItalia, made with plush, upholstered goodness. The sleek aesthetic is simple yet elegant and we love how the cushions are fashioned with a metal structure that looks like a spindly snake.

Comfy and Versatile

Open seating is a must for patio dining as every space on your property strives to create the best dining experience possible with one dining table. This stone patio table by Grazzo in collaboration with Martinelli Luce offers elegant dining space with its sleek tempered glass supports and semi-circular leaf edges. Need more than just a place to set down a favorite meal? Look no further than this spacious patio setting by Outdoor Living. Hexagonal style, sturdy grid of a rectangular shape and finishes that give each set an individually distinct charm!

Best Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Elongually Distinctive

A perfectly seamless joining of stone and wood is architecturally distinct to use the two most popular simple and widely used stones in the world: granite! With a bit more than a few decades ago rock garden resorts were featured on the famous Duras website, today’s interiors and exteriors are available in a breathtaking array of textures and colors. From the natural wall to the concrete privacy fence, you can enjoy the mineral and sculptural beauty of the material in all it’s contemporary touches. Yes, today’s interiors and exteriors reuse items from other locations that might have made them themselves a bit worn and worn up, but the result is stunning and totally unique. Follow a trip to the state of Utah for more inspiration.

Building a Mountain-Style Home

The architectural style of a mountain house is special because they lean toward the modern end of the spectrum, allowing them to be fully focused on the outdoor landscape that surrounds them. The materials used on these structures naturally include stone, wood and concrete, which fits with the more relaxed, modern edges of the home. Landscape and seating areas are also easily found outdoors, especially if the property is flat and has a gazebo shape. This outdoor living house plan is so large that it can be enjoyed from the mats and gardens around the structure. By the swimming pool, it houses a covered area for eating and lounging, while the house draws attention upon the landscape beyond through the tree canopy windows. This whole area provides a feeling of coziness and comfort, both in the big rooms and the patio, which is accessed through a door designed to protect pets and children from the solid, concrete structure. Potted plants displayed on the walls or on the patio help.

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