15 Modern Bunk Beds For Every Room Of The House

With so many modern and cozy options out there, bunk beds are a little less common. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways in which you can make the most of them. For example, bunk beds are excellent whenever you want to save some floor space or simply to save a little floor space without using a lot of resources.

Perfect Modern Loft Beds For Adults

By raising the bed on a platform, the kids can then have a cozy and safe bunk bed hidden underneath instead of being exposed to the exterior. This way the floor space is usually not wasted and you can also customize the design a little bit as you see here.

This is a really cute and fun game structure kids have to play with as they can either sleep in their own bunk bed inside the house or they can have a cozy sleeping nook above the bed.

Use a built-in storage nook to divide a large walk-in closet. It can be a pull-out without having to access the floor slabs. And if you want, you can make a bookcase out of it.

Children’s Room Revamp: Updating Your Bunk Beds

In a way, we’re more versatile than they may seem. This storage cubby is roomy and able to easily fit in a small bedroom. Plus, it gives you plenty of back wall storage and display and storage solution for all the clothes that you’d like to wear around the holidays.

Modern Bunk Beds For Kids You’ll Love – Kids Bedroom Ideas

You can make your bunk bed an interesting focal point if you make it white the wall color. In this case, for example, a white trim runs along the edge of the curved wall for a continuous piece of furniture to fit underneath.

30 Modern Bunk Bed Ideas That Will Make Your Lives Easier

It would be great to add a shelf above the bed for bags and blankets. By creating a continuous look for the bed, you allow the rest of the room to remain clutter free and uncluttered.

Elegant And Comfortable Modern Design Bunk Beds:: Best Modern Bunk Beds

Place the foot of the bed on a low platform, with a drop-leaf that sits just above it. You can use this as your storage platform but also as a nightstand.

To make the most of your wall unit, you can create interesting wall shelves. A cozy reading corner can be created. A combo piece can be placed on the wall behind the book sofak and a chair rail can be placed above them.

Modern Bunk Bed Ideas That Will Make Your Lives Easier

In a kid’s bedroom, it can be cool to play with heights and different kinds of furniture. Use the combo of a bed and a desk to make a great play area for the kids. You can have them sit at the top of the bed while the bottom one is lower and they can take a nap in the middle.

Then there’s also the option of creating a bunk bed that perfectly fits underneath the dining table. This one was designed by Lilly Yield and features shelves that double as planters. With two wooden beds and a set of stairs, this seems the perfect bistro set.

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