17 Simple And Inviting DIY Christmas Ornaments

To decorate the whole house, you have to make some decorations yourself. If you really want to make something special and perhaps to make your home look festive and fun, you should check out these 17 simple and lovely DIY Christmas ornaments. They’re easy to make and the ornaments are very versatile.

Best Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Shabby Chic Style

If you want to give your Christmas tree a more old-fashioned look, here’s an idea: give it legs. Just take them off and, on the left side of the tree, attach a little piece of wire with some Christmas ornaments. It’s really easy and the effect will resemble real snowmen.

Simple And Inviting DIY Christmas Ornaments

Petit Christmas Tree.

And here’s how cute and artistic this Christmas ornaments looks. Made of antique paraldehyde-based scrap metal, these tiny Christmas ornaments were spray painted silver. They look very cute and don’t even look unsightly.

Ball Ornament.

This next project is a little more interesting. The ball ornaments were spray-painted with a festive bunch of yarns and that made them more decorative. Be careful not to get tiny ones though. They can get damaged by droplets or maybe that’s not hygienic.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

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