3 Cable Pendants by Artem Evstek

Some people prefer the traditional light fixtures that they find in their home. Everyone knows that such a light or working environment requires intense social behavior and maybe less intimacy because they are not that comfortable in the same time with people that might have to work in front of or next to them. But there’s a more creative and yet very safe way to include a typical wall-mounted light in a home interior design than to create it from scratch.

Inside The Circuit: Pendant Lighting

It’s a very interesting idea. 3 wire pendant lights are hanging from the ceiling, symbolizing the relatively high and almost invisible ceiling height. There are also curtain-like panels that are the same height as the ceiling and they create a very tight transition. This allows the light “object” to be even brighter and also makes it seem larger and more airy. So if you want to add a little spark to your home then this could be an interesting idea.

In order to create a dramatic effect you don’t need to use massive and heavy chandeliers or other imposing light sources to create a strong impact. You need to use simple and common objects, usually suspended from the ceiling using curtain or anything else you can hang. So the star is the curtain chandelier.

A Minimalist Hook To Hold Your Pendant Cables

This pendant seems to be an extremely interesting choice for a modern interior. It can be used in dining rooms, living room, kitchen or even fireplace areas. It’s very versatile and able to adapt to almost any décor. It can also be adapted to more formal or rustic spaces. The chandelier is very interesting because it doesn’t have a complex design. Instead it has a somewhat abstract shape that makes it stand out. That means it’s safe and ok to use as a chandelier and that it’s also a very modern adaptation of the traditional type of chandelier.

Spider, Multiple Suspension With 5 Pendants

Black Cage Pendant Light For Over Table Suspended On Orange Cord Cable

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