30 Kent Road in DUMBO by Edward Suzuki Associates

Los Angeles-based studio Edward Suzuki Associates has designed this contemporary renovation of a mid-century residence located in New York City’s East Village.

Vent Vert By Edward Suzuki Associates

30 Kent Road in DUMBO by Edward Suzuki Associates:

“The renovation of a Mid-Century Modern home in New York City’s East Village aims to return to vernacular New York exterior architecture, while accommodating its steep down yard and building envelope, to redefine the relationship of the site to its garden and freshwater wetlands.

A solid, restrained, mostly uniform façade and program allows the expressive experience of layers that expand the game of tectonic and connect the inclusive program of renovation to its site. The plan is unapologetically rooted in the mid-century house while the reflecting sheet of glass and timber presides over views to the park opposite. Like a flower growing in the folds of the individual house, the sheet changes direction over time to reflect the clients penchant for the city’s iconic architecture.

Privacy for parents and children alike, a reflective reflecting water element takes shadow away from large expanses of glass in favor of a subtle relationship with water within this glass box. The reflecting sheet can be folded to project views or control light intensity. Viewing of the Lincoln Airplugs through the house helps break down barriers between inside and outside, between property and neighborhood, between property and nature.

projections and design teams mounted carefully to ensure the level of internal space can be set up either way, depending on whether the clients desire is to enjoy the outdoors, dialogue with the gardens, or conversation with leafy plants.

Amazing Buildings Vent Vert By Edward Suzuki Associates Inc

Filtered sunlight from the western orientation of the house reflects into a courtyard at the rear side of the home, which helps recapture energy in its DC heating program, giving the home a rigorous sense of living in contact with nature throughout much of the year.

Green  Architecture Vent Vert By Edward Suzuki Associates

The house is set back from the street and ½(2) outdoor section of the lower level, giving it a rounded box that plays on the natural light in its deeply recessed face, while the front is lit by a large roofed porch, giving an additional view of the large yard. A glass door opening on either side lets in natural light and creates a cross-ventilation system that doesn’t impact the global climate.

EDDI’S House By Edward Suzuki

The interior is organized on two levels, all featuring wide plank oak floors, open cubby spaces, built-in furniture starting with generous designs and finishing with several shoe polo options. This level also feature a fully equipped kitchen, not pictured.

House On The Bluff By Edward Suzuki Associates

Speaking of the global climate, the glass flooring throughout is low to the ground. This gives the impression of a much larger structure and minimizes the need for artificial lighting indoors.

For the most part all the interior rooms are facing the outdoors, which is nice because it brings freshness and the daylight into the home. At the same time, having a balcony means relaxation and view of the backyard or the hills beyond.

EDDI’s House By Edward Suzuki Associates

The millwork throughout the home is simple and smooth. It includes hand weaving architectural elements like the iron bars, the hand saws and train track. The windows are wide open and add to the transparency of much of the surrounding houses.

House On The Bluff By Edward Suzuki Associates

This beautiful home has a ton of advantages over other modern apartments in Tokyo. For example, it offers beautiful views “ from the terrace” to the street and also to the garden. It also has ample master bedroom, two guest bedroom, a kid’s room, guest room, workspace, media room, etc., in addition to a full bath, as well as a laundry room/bathroom.

Futuristic Architecture Vent Vert By Edward Suzuki Associates Inc

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