5 Ideas For Using Chandeliers In The House

Chandeliers, as well as Edison Bulbs, have evolved throughout the home and brought a different dimension to our lives. We may think that a chandelier may be subtle or shall deigned more like a sculptural item. But how does one actually lit a chandelier? We’ll make that simple from the start because we’ll show you five ways in which you can craft one yourself.

Stunning Crystal Chandeliers In The Living Room

1. A chandelier light crafted from an old light bulb.

Although these three-toned chandelier seem like a no go option, you can use found bulbs in such a way that your new chandelier light feels as though you’re an actual part of the chandelier. It’s a more interesting and unusual look depends on which style you choose.

2. A coat rack woven with chandelier sockets.

If you prefer an eclectic look and you still want the chandelier to have a classical and elegant appeal, you can try woven chandeliers which have a classical look. The irregular shape may seem a little out of the ordinary but the pine cone shade and the structural hardware make this project a lot more interesting.

Chandeliers With European Style Light Fixtures

3. A vintage chandelier.

Many vintage chandeliers look very beautiful and this one is no exception. It’s crafted from a vintage chandelier made with repurposed wire balls. The chandelier is chock full of charm and the design is quite rustic. It would look equally lovely in a room with a warm and earthy color palette.

4. A DIY chandelier.

This is a chic-looking chandelier and it’s something you could also use in your own kitchen. To make it all quite complex you have to plan the décor. It can be a simple and artificial project if you decide to use fabric. Apply a little layer of glue and then hot on the chandelier. It will stand and you can go straightaway if you want to achieve the same effect.

5. An antique look.

Many antique chandeliers look wonderful when used in a home kitchen. But there’s also a version you can create using square or rectangular pieces of driftwood and a cord that connects the whole structure to the one made from driftwood. It’s an elegant option and it can also be adapted for living rooms or pretty much for other spaces.

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