12 Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen Design Elements

Farmhouse style is such a cozy, comfortable, and charming style to use. It’s simple, but it’s also very accessorizing. The goal with farmhouse decorating is, typically, to make the whole house feel cozy and welcoming. If you want to use a lot of wood in your home, using a lot of wood will make the whole space feel cozier and, more importantly, styled and comfortable.

Today we’re measuring simple elements to showcase today. Go with a simple, no frills type of wood, and let your décor focus on elements that are minimal and easy to style. You want to leave a big chunk of theprofile upholstery texture right on the cabinetry. And it’ll be sleek and smooth than you think plus it’s durable and easy to clean. Let’s take a look at 12 gorgeous farmhouse kitchen ideas that will inspire.

1. Neutral, Lighter Flowers.

If you want to utilize the woodwork in your farmhouse kitchen but it still feel fresh and updated, go with a lighter, deeper floral yellow or creamy whites. This pair is gorgeous and the addition of a great, easy to clean dish towel makes it a much more welcoming style.

2. Some Creamy Things.

Use two slightly different styles of wood as accents. A light leaf on the table, a lighter piece of coral on the dining room table, we love the subtle combination. Then again, it’s easy to recreate!

3. Wooden Foundation.

It doesn’t have to be as drastic or deep looking as some of these minimalistic red, white and wood bridges. Instead, you’ll seamlessly create a charming space with a warm charm and we love how the wood adds a touch of warmth and interest but with that gorgeous woodline thrown in as well.{found on atypicalroom.com}.

4. Fresh Florals.

We love the flavor and freshness of this houseplants during the spring AND fall. Grab a large, vase and spice them up with a bit of yellow, yellow tulips. It’s very eclectic and fresh, and it reflects a less traditional home dining style.{found on jhinteriordesign}.

5. Powder Blue & Wood.

Usig a powder blue and wood may be what you’re looking for. We love the addition of the yellow serenity, don’t you?

6. Smooth Green & Gray.

See the shade variations in the living room below. It’s a classic color combination, and it’s earthy and natural and wonderfully sophisticated. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a gorgeous, rich shade of grays with a vibrant, lighter shade of grays?

7. Peach & Gold.

For a refreshing and bright look, try a peach and gold. You’d get a Victorian-inspired look with soft, airy feelings. And you’ll have a lot of fun creating.

8. Lime & Beige.

Add a pinch of green to this mint and lime dining room. It’s a bit of a faded tone but still very strong and womanly with a classic spirit.

9. Linen&Natural.

Even in the bedroom or home office, you can adorn a home with cabins and organic inspiration. Lace some chairs with thistle-y shiversys and it’ll be a lush, womanly piece of fabric.

10. Haze & Warmth.

Add an inviting warmth and lightness to this dining room by mixing it in with some dark legs and woods prints. It’s a bit more sophisticated and too mixes and matched to be feminine.

11. Delicate & Free.

In a home office or guest chair, create a fashion-forward, light and airy mood with some lightly-colored compliments. Just take a look around the house and see if you can add a bout of green too.

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