23 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas To Steal

Farmhouse kitchens breathe a warm, cozy and inviting air that brightens up any modern kitchen. They set the spirits off with cozy atmosphere and country air that is a part of many cultures, foods.

Today we would like to show you some beautiful design ideas that we think would add a much needed facelift to your farmhouse kitchen. Hopefully you’ve got a better idea on what we mean by that. Feel free to judge which theme you’re offering and which items will work with your farmhouse kitchen best. There’s always room for improvements so don’t give up.

White Kitchens

White kitchens are super stylish and will always go well with farmhouse style. They are best highlighted by wood accents and darker hues. They also have a more modern appeal and could work in a lot of different room designs.

Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are perfect for a farmhouse look. They’re still traditional, elegant and have a very clean, sleek character without many of the excesses. They are also very spacious and open.


Timeless is where you want to be. It’s not mean. Timeless is the imperfections that stick with anyone who sees them. So when you combine this style with the warmth of a farmhouse kitchen the result is truly stunning.


Contemporary kitchens should always be simple, easy and stylish. So take a look at how great these kitchen designs are. This eclectic kitchen is extremely clean and organized but not in a overwhelming type of way. It’s very original and unique.


Here’s another kitchen that impresses with its simplicity. What a great way to make a farmhouse kitchen feel extra welcoming. The pale wood really helps to create the farmhouse vibe and the white gives the room a bright and airy look.


Here’s another kitchen that’s full of light and signs of country style. Who would have thought that such a simple kitchen would look this way?

My Southern Style

If you’re still inspired by all the southern styling, you’ll probably be able to find a blend of this style coming across on neweromestyle. We love the detailing and coloring of the tile and how everything has a down-home feel to it.


These MyHome Ideas are inspired by the ideas we’ve seen on Pinterest and how easy it is to do right in a home. It’s a bit rustic but doesn’t have as much going on. It’s a bit contemporary and a bit farmhouse which is great to share with others that might have a similar home.


If you’re gonna have a harder time giving your kitchen stripes, this idea is perfect. Just look at it! It’s timeless and traditional which is exactly what you want when you need a clean and organized look to keep the beauty on the walls while still having everything you need to make your cooking a lot more fun and interesting.

Hand Porch

Your front porch or front door can sure make it easy to grab up all the goods and grab with the way you create a complete porch full of cozy shabby chic and vintage-flavored decor. That’s not an easy task but the fact is it’s so much nicer and more wonderful to see your neighbors and family decorating your house rather than throwing out your nail polishes and flower pots.

Keep it Home

If you haven’t lived with your kids or used your own kitchen, or you’re wary of bringing them in for clean up sessions due to strict size requirements, keep yours as safe as it can be. Remember that once you?

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