Cozy Cottage Kitchen Corner

Living in a house with a house, although the place is a bit bigger than our house, there are moments when you feel the need to stay closer and not get too close to each other, just in case. So you realize you must organize yourself in a proper manner and you must have a comfortable kitchen corner when you cook a delicious dinner, in the middle of a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Actually, this kitchen corner has a very special designed corner with a combination of modern, stainless steel appliances and various hanging chairs. The kitchen is painted in white and also the corner is part of a complex kitchen of wooden walls and floors which have not only lights, but also different materials and colours and make of drawers and bars.

The corner is the main kitchen area and also part of the general kitchen. Nothing about it suggests its purpose. Notice the irregular shaped kitchen island with the hood that always be removed in order to save some space. There are also some nesting tables either some in front of the kitchen island, or in some niches. This kitchen corner is also full of modern furniture which makes you feel like sitting on a chair, looking out the window. Prouptous wood furniture is an excellent choice for any kitchen corner. It is so appreciated and it makes you feel like a royal person. The beauty of wood furniture is that it is so resistant that it makes food almost impossible to break. It is also very easy to remove when you are done with a meal.

Hanging kitchen corner cabinets are an excellent choice for those who have small kitchens. The lower cabinets are more suitable for cooking and that makes them perfect for that space. The lower shelves can be easily used to store pots, pans, dishes and other things. It makes the kitchen feel neat and tidy and this way you can easily place things inside.

Beside one of the drawers in the kitchen island is a large wooden sliding oven. This is a practical extra feature for any kitchen.

Kitchen corner cabinets can also be used to strategically group up shelves. It gives you easier choice for tall items like plates, cups or jars.

The lighting in the kitchen is important and sometimes it’s just practical. Kitchen corner cabinets are always placed close to the windows so they can be a great source of natural light.

Of course, the lighting can also change the whole design of the kitchen. Low level lighting in the cabinet fixtures, the spotlights in the floor and ceiling, central area lighting in the windows and even spotlights on specific spotlights in the kitchen.

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