A Beautiful Small Cabin in Northern Italy: WeWelcome to The Cabin!

Taking a step back in time and taking in the many delights and appearances, a small cabin in a forest can be one down amongst the lush beauty of the great outdoors. As a retired GM convertible car rental, taking the cabin was a way to escape the day to day daily rush, many of us looking for alternative, after hours at our job, would want a temporary getaway to give us moments of relaxation and reconnect with nature so that we and the family we reside here with.

Modern Stone Cabin In Northern Italy Is A Romantic Gem

Well, two designers from Trento, Gianpaides and Mario Gonzalez from Tetra Fiore, managed to transform a 1966 Ford Guptillies trailer into this beautiful long and narrow getaway overlooking a cottonwood and custom-built lake bead forest in the Tetra Fiore National Park in Northern Italy. They truly accomplished their mission.

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Not only does the chosen temporary getaway incorporate a fabulous yellow steel and painted metal structure that helps it stand out against the surrounding wooded landscape, but it also stays walnut and has a rustic log construction and only a few polished horizontal quartz countertops like the ones seen near the back deck. The color palette of warm tones is continued in the living room as well, with more personality set to the space by the choice of stitching and finish.
Ganterns on the ceiling have been applied to keep the space feeling light and natural, setting off a modern but rustic look. The slatted roof and walls offer another visual element, just across the bed from the master bedroom, where another iteration of the traditional wood log construction is still visible.

Modern Stone Cabin

Another finish suits the home well considering it, aside from being decorative, inspired by the original trees visible throughout the home. Now that’s a home!

Modern Stone Cabin In Northern Italy

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