Country House In Italy Combines Modern Simplicity With 14th Century Architecture

A simple, wood-clad house amidst the Dolomites, located in Ripatas, Italy, was renovated by studio CMT Architetti after a very long and complex process. The owners wanted it to contrast with the modern side of the design and to give them a new home infused with more traditional details. The architects were asked to leave the old construction while they revitalized the main functions of the house: the garage and cellar.

The project is long, encompassing 3,800 square feet, with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a study, the living and dining areas and the kitchen. As you can see, the design of the house is simple, modest and very tasteful.

The spacious garage accommodates a marble workshop perfectly and all the storage is hidden behind large sliding doors. The bedrooms are separated by a study on the first floor and an open bathroom downstairs. The living area has a fireplace and it’s wrapped in glass to take great advantage of the views. The underground garage has a kitchen, a wet room and a cycle station. It has a peaked-roofed concrete ceiling and concrete floor which gives it a traditional charm all the same. The doors at the entrance/exit are through the same type of glass, making them completely visible. The master bedroom is above the bath at the first floor and has a walk-in closet, a shower, a vanity and plenty of storage.

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