Modern Stone Cabin Exterior

The Bridge is a home designed by Charles Todd Helton Architect. It’s a modern stone cabin with an eye towards ergonomics. The cabin is perched on stone-paved sites and is surrounded by forest. It was designed to serve as a weekend retreat and holiday retreat and it does that while embracing the scenic landscape.

The cabin is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains and is built on a sturdy wooden base with a set of stairsway on one side and a roof that slowly transitions over the edge at the base of the structure. Th stairway leads to the upper volume which houses the bedrooms, living spaces and dining areas. The entrance saves itself the most interesting space, with its spacious back yard and small patch of greenery overhead.

The fireplace is the centerpiece of the living area. It’s built around a stone wall with large windows for sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. Large windows fill the space with warm sunlight during the day and gives them a panoramic view of the sky on those extra cloudy days. The seating arrangement is organized around a couch with cozy alpex upholstery for the outdoors to complement the sleek design of the room. A set of nesting tables and a chic lamp add a little bit of modern flair to the mix.

The kitchen fills the space seamlessly with two built-in pieces, one of which is a bar with a glass front making it accessible to the views. The kitchen setup is sleek and simple, with a island in between. The views are framed by that beautiful central fireplace that provides the necessary warmth.

A breakfast nook next to the kitchen table is simple and casual, perfect for those that want to enjoy some breakfast in the morning or when the sun is not as strong as in the evenings. Black and light gray combined with white walls is a pleasant, airy backdrop for the furniture elements and glass door at each end of the room. The eating area is meant to be functional, with a side previously paneled with white trim. The rest of the spaces are filled with light gray tones that complement the views, the views, and the rest of the rooms themselves.

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