Modern Stone Cabin In Northern Italy Details

This is the story of this beautiful cabin. You’d expect stone pape- stones to be everywhere in the region and this simply proves the story. This house was designed by regional company Hometalk and it’s located in Northern Italy. The cabin is simple and modest in size but it welcomes everyone with a touch of refined elegance thanks to the right combination of traditional and modern elements.

The beauty of the cabin comes from the interior. Here, the rocky landscape and the landscape offer it a lot of character. The architects took advantage of the panoramic views and layered here the exterior was practically built in a stone. The story is quite interesting and the design puts the focus on the cabin.

The structure is inspired by the timeless mountain house the architects built there. Its architecture and design are traditional and that’s mostly due to the fact that it features these views which give it a lot of character.

The pitched roof forms a roof perfectly in which it’s situated. The cabin has a gabled roof which is a common feature in most modern and contemporary homes. The gable roof gives it a very charming look and ensures a very pleasant and practical look for the floors and the walls which are in tone with the overall style. Stone is not a cold color, goes by many names and has been used extensively in architecture and interior design.

The cabin has a stone-clad exterior which gives it a very imposing look. The roof is layered and has a geometric, geometric shape. The materials used and the raw textures and raw colors give it a unique character. The use of natural stone gives it a natural look and the matching stitching on the shutters emphasizes the modern and simple allure. Stone was used in combination with wood for a balanced look that suits this modern country cabin.

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