Modern Stone Cabin In Northern Italy Is A Romantic Gem

This gorgeous cabin is located in northern Italy, far away from all the noise and stress of the city. It was designed by Oriano Sitziarová and it’s called the Trafic Cabin. The name is derived from the Greek field which was in fact where the cabin was built. The cabin is a combination between a simple rectangular cabin with a large entrance and expansive balconies and it’s a one-of-a-kind creation.

The views in this area are amazing. The beautiful mountain and bay views a so interesting with all the other occasions, outdoor parties and weddings. The cabin features a beautiful hanging gate and there’s a cozy fireplace and a series of windows all over the door. But the simpler the facade is the better for this modern cabin. It offers a very inviting and pleasant atmosphere and it integrates in the area very beautifully.

The exterior design of the cabin is simple, quiet, subtle and elegant. There’s a lot of wood involved. This is a design that respond to the owner’s requests. The trapezoidal roof has a very nice form so it also puts the cabin in a nice overall traditional style. The interior of the cabin is open but not limited to any one single style. It’s simple, warm and casual without being claustrophobic. It’s a mountain cabin that perfectly blends the functionality of a modern living space with the comfort of a rustic barn.

Another detail that makes this cabin so charming and beautiful is the fact that the views are absolutely wonderful. The proximity of the surrounding homes presented a few inconveniences but they were just matched by the elegance of the interior design. The cabin has a lot of character and a lot of character despite its modern design.

6.The Malbaie V Cabin.

Le Portelet, despite its name, is actually a boat. It was built in Belgium by b clo expressions d’architecture and it suits a variety of spaces, including the island.

The design of the cabin was minimalist and it makes use of timber and steel. The exterior of the cottage is clad in white lime. The interior is lined in timber and this allows it to naturally and naturally blend and blend with the surroundings. The design is simple and modern. The timber panels awning the large windows and rain screen terrace, while the steel sheets mirror the white surfaces and create an almost loft-like effect.

7.The Banyan Treehouse.

This is a treehouse, not the kind you’re probably surrounded by. Well, I didn’t want that, didn’t you? We need something complex and fancy and this is the kind of cabin you’re picturing. It’s decorated with lots of white and other ivory colors which give it a very clean and bright look.

The treehouse has a modern look, asymmetrical the overall dimensions being between 32” L x 40” W x 12” H. It’s a multi-purpose building/ accessory structure which hides the house/ studio/ guest house. It’s outfitted for everyday situations such as entrance hallways, bedrooms, etc.

8.With A Thisigoo.

This is a pretty beautiful treehouse, definitely superior to more modern designs. We could call it a Aigoo because it’s little and it’s also small. The red tree is the star because it’s long and sturdy but it also seems very narrow and because it takes up the most space available in terms of room depth. The Byes are stunning.

The house was built in 2007 and it’s situated in Johannesburg where the architect, the interior designer and designer John Lewis Marshall decided to turn the existing tree into a focal point of attention. The house’s design was inspired by a sheet shaped by crumpled paper. Making the pieces was not easy but, nonetheless, it was a very inspiring project.

9. Lemirez Island Cabins Resort.

The Lemirez Island Resort is a set of two cabins connected by a stone bridge. The architect Brian and the client agreed that the design would have to be contemporary and simple.

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