Modern Stone Cabin

Chalet Luckely is part of New Zealand’s Lakehouse community. We’ve fortunate enough to be able to take peak at some of the outdoor living areas that this beautiful stone cottage provides. Built around the stone mountain, from side to side this private cottage is a sumptuous place to relax and enjoy time in the winter getaway. Designed by Craig Streater the cottage certainly looks like it sited somewhere around the world, on some cosmopolitan hotspot of Auckland. This traditional stone home is surrounded by forest which makes it a perfect place to take refuge in these gorgeous crisp, natural settings. The gleaming living of the cottage is softened by moss and stones and the rusty tumbled brick walls. The traditional color palette of white plaster walls and ceilings gives this modern home a touch of warmth, while beyond the brilliant blue pool, it really looks like a vacation home.

Handmade multi-level modern living spaces are nestled within these white walls and offer peaceful spots to relax and reflect in the after meals or while snuggling in to share a few moments. The four-poster bed and built-in bookshelf give this contemporary home the illusion of being naturally grounded with the land and the natural elements. What better room could you let its occupants enjoy?

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