Restoration Of A 16th Century Mountain Village Stone House

This beautiful and inviting stone house was restored in 2015 by Architecture Paradigm.

It is located in Otopeni? Mountains and the architecture clearly creates stunning and unique views.

Restoration of a 16th century mountain village stone house by Architecture Paradigm:

“The client, on an extended leave in late 2014, requested a modern vacation home which would be completely ‘off’ and ‘visually’ show its inhabitable rural context to the guests.

The building is located on a prominent site in Otopeni mountain in Minas Gerais. Placed in this beautiful natural setting, a distance mountain which is breathtaking from the city, the house is atypical to the local architecture, both for its distinctive traditional construction typology and its application of the ‘zoar’ as an architectural language to the local vernacular.

The traditional rural larch pattern, cut out from the mountain, where the floor planes are traditionally straight, is now utilized as a design tool, permitting the structure form a series of different cultural and scaledhabitable spaces. The approach can be seen in the interior as a momentary glimpse into the materials used: exposed concrete, glass and lacquered wood.

As the heart of the ground floor, a large metal mesh curtain, which acts as a rainwater buffer, manages to regulate the ventilation inside.

The living spaces are located in the upper floor, facing the vast valley. The design intention is to make the rooms and the house a unitary home, unified by a consistent palette of materials and forms.”

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