A Few Ways To Enhance The Charming Charm Of Open Spaces

All spaces, shapes and types of homes have areas where we spend a lot of time, a lot where we often ignore. These spaces need to be active and full of character if we want them to look good and to be pleasant to the eye. The concept is actually a lot of fun when you’re building a balance between interior and exterior spaces. A lot of cool projects show you how you can add charming features to existing living spaces and residences.

This Modern Bedroom Has A Covered Outdoor Space, While A Green Wall Has  Been Installed On The Exterior …

Having an equipped outdoor space means having a designated space where you can enjoy the company of friends and family. This space is usually the open of the house, usually sheltered inside while the indoor one is more open and airy. This huge open space can be your everyday home or specifically designated for your back yard. You can make a few plant pots to keep them nice and organized and you can add more later if you want.

Similarly, you can have an eclectic home where a place for everything, like this open deck for example. It has wonderful views and storage cabinets that match the main color as well as a hanging bench and a comfy chair. There’s also a bunch of shelves that add more space and allow to display decorations. These outdoor spaces are wonderful examples of how successful we can be at creating welcoming and comfortable decors.

Patio And Outdoor Space Design Ideas

The breakfast nook and dining area are amazing examples of how functional and well-organized space is when it comes to the interior design and decor of your home. You can make the space feel inviting by using the colors that you use in its design, having as little impact as possible on the overall decor and textures.

Gallery Of OF House / Studio Otto Felix – 14

Every room of the house has its own source of inspiration of ideas on how to make the most out of a space. Let’s say you want a room that makes you feel comfortable and pleasant. How about an area rug? You can make one in the presence of a large window or simply use a carpet. Put a rug on the floor and you get a cozy and comfortable rug that you can play with as much as you like.

Diverse Luxury Touches Within Complex Open House Design

Similarly, you can put the kitchen island and the dining table in the same room. Everything about it is consistent: color, finish, form and texture. Here’s how you can make that area feel more inviting by creating a simple wooden deck with a set of bar stools.

The dining table can be one of the largest pieces of furniture you’ll be using. When you start adding the chairs, they will all become an interesting set. You can do this if you want chairs to match the wall unit for example.

Contemporary Row House With Open Concept Living And Entertainment Spaces

It would be best to use simple white base sheets for the table. that places the chairs under the bigger ones on one side, sort like in a traditional setting. In order for the table to have a modular design, you need more than one chair.

Not all dining tables have to be mobile and to look like a set. You can use it as a cocktail centerpiece. This one, for example, is in a mobile category. It’s made from scratches on the top and the paint used for the base gives it a more pleasant and inviting look.

Courtyard :An Architectural Element Of Design

This is a C table. It has a simple design, with a wooden top that can potentially be used as a cocktail centerpiece. The biggest advantage is that it’s made of glass. The wooden top is not particularly heavy so you can safely use it as a glass top to cover the top with glass to avoid creating the perfect dining setting.

25 Brilliant Balcony Decorating Ideas – Balcony Design Tips

This is not the style for which you should use if you want to add a bit of color and opulent flair to your open shelves or display your favorite books. The Mona table is designed to replace the usual chairs, stools and side tables. With this chunky frame it looks sleek and chic without the unnecessary details or ornamental.

Bring some cheer to your kitchen with this chic design of the Anemone coffee table. The shape and perforations are unusual and eye-catching and the design is only meant to highlight the beauty of the wood. The glass top allows the table to look lightweight and chic, without being so delicate.

Clean, sleek lines and a combination of materials give the Sunken Table a laid-back look. The design of the project is meant to maximize storage. The top has an edge and can be pulled down to reveal more storage underneath. As you can see, the options are numerous and so are the designs you can choose from.

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