A Historic Townhouse That Has Been Recently Refurbished and Renovated by Oppenheim

This beautiful townhouse has been restored and renovated by Oppenheim who is a company which has been specialized in historic houses. Located in the Oldberg District, North of Leopina, Italy, the townhouse can be found in a beautiful historic building which has been renovated a century ago. The project was completed in 2006.

A Whimsical Historic Townhouse In Brooklyn With Plenty Of Space For Guests

The company has collected different objects from different periods of the city. One example is the historic kitchen which is an open space with a vaulted ceiling and a vaulted cabinet which has been made from a shipping container. The elegance and the coziness of the kitchen is inspired by a few architectural details such as the strong contrasts and the gradual change of color which characterized this entire project.

Historic London Townhouse Is A Masterpiece Of Modern Interior Design

The western facade of the house features vertical red accent walls covered in wood paneling. They go all the way up to the ceiling and there’s also parquet flooring and metal structure. The entrance is made from a recycled metal structure from a shipyard. Still, this doesn’t limit the functionality of the house. There’s a series of walkways on the south side of the house and they connect two levels, one of which goes the other.

Vintage Modern In A Historic Townhouse In New York

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