A Historic Boston Townhouse Gets A Glam Update

Located in Boston’s Southbank neighborhood, this townhouse was originally built in 1924 and recently got a glamorous update. The addition is an 832 square foot addition of space. Itsenburg connection brings more freedom asenburg as it merges the original house with the new expansive addition. The fusion of old and new is perfect as they are separated by a dramatic new glass façade.

To create uniformity, the architect came up with a simple and fluid design. The glass house is clad in Venetian glass and sets of white are accentuated by grids of white painted wood. The original masonry was replaced with new construction materials. The new structure uses the original cornices and balconies that were previously found in the neighborhood.

Among the original details the scale of the rooms is reduced from that height. Also, the double height windows and door trim were replaced by ironwork and Venetian glass. The porch is now a very light element that seems to be practical. The golden chrome canopy is a very interesting touch. Its golden shine is reflected on the polished glass during the day. Also, the long white trusses that support the structure are quite romantic, creating an artistic and elegant design. I would love to have it in my home.

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