A Historic Six-Story Manhattan Townhouse With Modern Makeover

Situated close to the Star Tower in Manhattan, New York, this landmark building is a mixture of old and new. It has a brutal concrete façade and a structure with six stories, underwent a huge renovation in May 2012 that was aimed at creating a unique and modern look. The six floors were reconfigured in order to include a total space of 6,500 square feet of living area. The goal was to transform the four stories into a bright and open space.

Sitting on a corner of Central Park, the Townhouse looks like a huge and sculptural structure. It contains six rooms, including a 130 year old gallery-like space for the owner’s photographic works. Following this, the stairwell rises up onto an upper and a 45 foot long desk that contains a storage unit for the residence’s collections. There is also a sizeable private elevator that offers access to an elevator-level elevator itself. As you might be able to see in the photo, the apartment features white walls, light wooden flooring and marble walls.

The kitchen and bathrooms make use of marble floors to create a sense of warmth and luxury. The kitchen is large, featuring two large basins and a marble on the counter. Each of the six rooms of the apartment has its own unique color palette. The apartment also has an extensive and glamorous chandelier, that creates a homey, cozy and intimate ambiance in each room. The touch of color comes from the pattern of the curtains, the pendant lamp and the marble floors and walls.

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