A Whimsical Historic Townhouse In Brooklyn With Plenty Of Space For Guests

A charming townhouse surrounded by history serves as the perfect place for hosting friends and family over the holidays, vacations, or whenever one chooses to host friends and family. This historic Brooklyn waterfront home built by Turett Collaborative Architects, for whom John and Cynthia Johnson are about NY, is a fitting structure for New York City’s ever-freshCelebrity “The Empire State Gallery.”

The building’s unique vaulted ceilings, empty walls and clean lines, and wood-shaded windows say classical to life in this historic hub of New York City. A host of wrought iron details dominate the living spaces, while furnishings are modern and contemporary. Plenty of natural light through large windows is a great contrast to the historical red brick walls left intact.

The building’s unique vaulted ceilings, empty walls and glass walls – all within the confines of the renovated house, help balance airy brightness and comfortable living. The sight of the outside provides visual interest, of which tall grasses create a perfect spot to take a dip.

Terrace decks, set in the surrounding gardens, are furnished with modern patio pieces and comfortable seating in the evenings.

In its first-floor living area, where glass walls are arranged across the first-level living space, the view of the weather and greenery is stunning. A fireplace chimney warms up the contemporary feel.

In this space, the tall glass wall windows include snapshots of the outside and the garden.

In its second living room, the fireplace warms up the wooden tones of the flooring and the furnishings, creating a cozy atmosphere worthy of a glamping trip.

A substantial wood-burning stove lights up one of the living room corners. It’s almost a picture painting, with textural contrast enhanced by the rough texture of the walls.

In a second living room, a pair of small sofas face out on either side of the fireplace, both seating vantageories framed by the fireplace warping up a few of the pieces.

Balconies flanking the front and the lights line the walls turn these into the main living area’s window dressing.

The dining area is located at the opposite wall from the living room and features a relatively neutral palette of wood and more colorful chairs.

The kitchen is a touch more intense, with colorful mouldings creating the visual focus. The range hood (shown as stainless steel) is barely noticeable against the orange and lime green walls, creating a sense of personality rather than clutter.

Back in the home office, a window encircles the wall with views to the living room, and on the opposite wall a small work area is elevated to complete the same level as the window.

A step-up walkway stretches along the window wall to the bedroom, which opens to the living room.

“The no-right-left wall solution is the same as the existing one, connecting a living room and the bedroom,” explains the architect. “We’re connecting two separate spaces through sliding doors that allow the natural light and ventilation to pass through the bedroom, and also through the full height foyer that joins the two rooms. Then we have this continuous corridor that links the sitting area to the study. “

A floating metal staircase accesses the more private areas of the apartment.

The en-suite bathroom is a peaceful retreat with transparent glass walls and wooden tones. The vanity is made of a rustic wood with a visible grain inside whereas the shower has a very noticeable lime inside.

To harmonize the space, the furniture team took advantage of the proximity between two areas to make each area more luminous.

The master bedroom and its en-suite bathroom are one and the same space. The color palette is very neutral and includes the same shades on the living room sofa and headboard, thus making the two pieces of furniture distinct and similar.

The en-suite bathroom is also separate from the sleeping area by a cloth’s cotton rug, thus integrating the sleeping area into the same space. The gray walls (with a couple of textured tiled walls) are the splash of color that stands out on its own, the same as the light gray wall in the bedroom.

A suspended ladder-style seat is placed against a sliding door.

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