An Eclectic Apartment In A Historic Townhouse In Brighton

This cozy and beautiful apartment in Brighton is complete with stunning views over the city, the amazing sea and the distant cottage-influenced town that the owners intend to move into next summer. The renovation took place in 2017 and was a big project to tackle. The owners worked with Tom Ross Architects in an attempt to preserve some of the city’s original architectural elements, like the original floorplan of the 1820s at firstseen site, the kitchen, the original roof structure and the concrete courtyard. The owners are excited by all the changes and they wanted to keep their space very authentic while updating the interior.

The new design features a combination of local and vintage elements which highlight the original design and the historical context of the building, which is reflected in minimalistic elements, such the raw concrete brick wall, the wooden deck railing and also the whitewashed brick wall in the courtyard. Being a historic area, all these brick walls have a special meaning connected to a series of equally beautiful architectural interventions and accent features.

The new and improved interior design is defined by a strategic selection of materials, unified textures and timeless charm. By designing a mix of elements, the natural and artificial elements were cleverly and easily incorporated. For example, the brick wall stands out and even though it has an abstract look, it becomes a pattern in a modern setting. The vintage furniture complements the furniture and goes very well with the new modern colors and finishes. A perfect example that supports this idea.

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