Historic Townhouse Architecture

This classical townhouse was designed and built in 1748 and is an historical residence known as the Old Town. It’s located in the BayBeCa, a region in central London, England. The residence was originally built in 1850 where it serves as part of the general design of the town. The renovations were meant to improve its functionality but also to make it seem more modern and to bring more light inside.

The latest renovation was completed in 2016 and was a major project by studio Wilfreddo London Architecture. The team completely transformed the house, giving it a new and more elegant look and giving it a brand new look. In addition they also gave it a series of extensions, their goal being to preserve as much of the original charm of the building as possible. They also wanted to bring more light inside and to refurbish its interior with a fresh palette of finishes and materials. Not only that, but the house also looks exquisite inside.

The resulted design includes a large number of signature elements which are usually elements found in a modern building. One example is the double-height kitchen island which is also a very important element. There’s also a mid-century modern kitchen which matched the overall décor of the house. The dining area is also a surprising addition. it’s a space designed by Crossflower Studio. It has a very simple but nevertheless attractive design.

The street façade of the house is traditional and preserves most of the original features. The interior however gets a whole new look. It’s modern and simple, almost modest. The kitchen is spacious, spacious and very inviting, just like the living room. It’s an extension of the living area and has a more open décor. The house also has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The three levels of the house are connected by a glass enclosed bridge. The interior design is minimalist, modern and minimalist as not to overwhelm the rooms. Still, there’s a strong visual impact in the case of the interior and this design created by J exaggerates in the case of the two grey walls. The parquet flooring bring color and texture to the house and the grey wall also creates the impression of a lightweight and airy décor, allowing the rooms to feel airy.{found on archdaily and pics by Igor Chak}.

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