Vintage Modern In A Historic Townhouse In New York

This house is one of those houses that I really don’t recommend everybody. It looks too much like a hospital. However, when you really see it you realize it’s not all bad. It took place in New York City, USA, more exactly on 23 East 17th street. It is one of those non-unique homes that if anything attracts and more than enough drive up to the grocery store, see it’s too real.

The building itself was designed and built in 1947 by Fritz Lang and it costed $395,000 USD. With some of the details in order, the house was built according to some architectural guidelines that show only its skeleton, and that also turned out to be a superb interior design with a great sense of minimalism. The most interesting part is that there are basically no unnecessary pieces of furniture, no unnecessary decorative elements, as it was agreed that the only unnecessary elements are the bathroom cabinets.

And here’s another proof that white continuity was successful in the modern homes design. The living room is almost entirely white, with the exception of some furniture pieces that look like they were made white. The chairs are also white, because we all love white and we can’t say the same about the coffee table and the chairs. Great designing, I love it!

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