A House With Views Of The Mountains And A Garden

The surroundings and all the beautiful things nature can offer in terms of luxury and tranquility are always fascinating. Take this house for example. It looks incredible, with the expansive views and the beauty of the landscape from inside the house. The house is located in Big Sur, California, more exactly in a remote area where the land is very beautiful.

Coastlands House In Big Sur, California

The location of the house is very beautiful, very quiet and secluded. The views are wonderful but, of course, this also means that the design of the house needed to be simple. However, there are some key elements that characterize this place. For example, the tall pitched roof is definitely a unique feature and the house looks and feels very inviting and relaxing. The interior of the house is very bright. This is a typical Californian detail.

Big Sur California Home Tour

The house was designed by architect Paul Campbell. The exterior is clad in load-bearing walls but the glazed portions use only wood. Apart from these elements, the interior is surprisingly light and simple. The palette of colors and materials is very simple and limited to only white and brown. Although the wooden floors have a light finish. The furniture is not particularly sophisticated but rather modern and minimalist. The colors used are very simple and they maintain the simplicity of the whole interior throughout the house.

Spectacular Glass And Copper Cliff House In Big Sur, California

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