A Luxurious London Velvet Shop Interior Design

After presenting you the Real Luxury Luxury Luxury Interiors, today we would like to present you an elegant velvet furniture and beauty-sponge house, a perfect getaway for its owners. The velvet furniture is created by some very luxurious places, which are indeed the case not just for the owners, but also to each of them.

Velvet Store London

This luxurious house is in the top of the Hill in Mayfair, among many other fine hotels and resorts. It features panoramic views over Bristol, Vienna, Venice and Bali.The whole place was designed by Kelly Birdall who was inspired by the local landscape and stone work. The furniture represents the masterful combination of modern design used for every room.

Luxury Retail Store

The house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and high ceilings, so that altogether it has an elegance no other houses could provide. All the rooms are extremely simple and decorated with contemporary items: a simple living room through which you enter the house, a spacious kitchen, a luxurious dining room and a terrace with wonderful views over the gardens. Everything seems to be created to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the privacy, open to the exterior landscape.

Luxury Retail Store Design

The breath taking staircase is the centerpiece of this place, making you want to reach it. The impressive floor made of wood is a unique feature of the house which makes you think of the luxury of living in a remote place, trying to enjoy this solitude and peace.

Velvet Store London Interior

The bedroom is a piece of heaven, with wonderful views of the mountains and the sea. You could not imagine that you are sleeping here, it is like a rustic masterpiece in a mountain.

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