A Luxury Villa in the Mountains of Andorra, Spain

Villa Sifera means “mountain” in Portuguese, also the term was used to describe the volcano in Andorra that is located on the southern shore of the Andorra Islands in the municipality of Andorians, also known as I streams. Villa Sifera is 17,000 feet high built between two bedrock plates, that rises to protect the 3 story deck of the Anora from the onset of the volcanic lava flows. Designed as a guest house/villa, Sifera reciprocates the heavenly level of privacy with the beautiful view of the nearby Iberian forest.

Perched High In The Mountains Of Andorra, A Traditional Home With Modern  Twists

Designed by architects Anna Karolina and Alberto Vital, Villa Sifera has everything you could possibly need in terms of luxury, the kind of beauty that you want for your holiday. Behind the solid Iberian walls, surrounded by a lush forest of canopies and red floriola, there is a wonderful peacefulness that beats the heart for a family whose hearts are captured in the hearth of the open, creative world.

Luxury Villa In The Mountains Of Andorra, Spain

From its modern spacious front-yard, to its spacious and informal dining room, to its courtyards and water features, Villa Sifera is an example of modern elegance in all things related to the design and use of materials. With large windows, the kitchen and terrace are enclosed with a glass window wall to take advantage of the natural light pouring in at mid-level. Thanks to that facade system, interior and exterior spaces are linked through a central staircase. It is a relatively new concept, based on highly energy saving features, which make it a tempting choice for small, multi-family homes.

A Luxury Villa In The Mountains Of Andorra, Spain

La Massana House / Villa In La Massana, Spain

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