A Modern Barn Turned Into A Cozy Home

There’s something unusual about a barn that we sometimes call a barn. It may be the way in which this vintage structure disappears into the background. In 2014 Melbourne-based studio Baenziger Colombo Architects renovated this barn located in Melbourne, Australia. Its current owners decorated it with photos and artwork collected during the 80-85yr-year-old years at the ranch.

Beautiful Barn Turned Into A Cozy Family Home

Although it may look like a historic barn, this place is very modern. It has concrete cladding, concrete walls and low-slung construction which allows it to blend in with the surroundings. To create the built-in cowhide seating you could get some custom cushions that hug the cowhide. The living area is adjacent to this wooden deck and features garden lighting.

The clients asked for as much storage space as possible and this barn actually helped a bit. Not only that they enjoy having a simple interior design but also cleaning the space of clutter. Their simple, contemporary living room becomes a green room where you can rest your feet and relax.

Barn Turned Into A Contemporary Home In Surrey, England

The main challenge of this project was to optimize the interior design without compromising the owners’ wish to have beautiful spaces. They wanted spaces that felt like a natural extension of their home and that could be easily relocated to a different location. The solution was to replace most of the furniture inside the barn with versatile pieces and to also create platform platform alcoves for the sitting area.

Old Barn Turned Into A Cozy Home

To ensure a better expression of the industrial style, Bluelina was awarded the Hazel colour scheme. This allows the space to unique quickly adapt to a contemporary lifestyle. As it so happens the owners of this stylish ranch slept well during the remodel, cooking meals on the platform so their boredom was content. They thought of using the beautiful steampunk designs and materials to create modern friendly living spaces.

Small And Cozy Modern Barn House Getaway In Vermont

The interior presents some modern amenities, such as a built-in Cor-Ten fireplace set atop a three-sided lacquered bookcase that offers practical storage for books, magazines and newspapers. Other modern amenities are the awning and ventilation system. In addition, there are two work stations, electric fans with out access, a north facing hot plate duct and sound proofing.This modern and tasteful home attracts buyers looking for a concept, carbon footprint and a unique contemporary style. It’s a great place to live, relaxing and rejuvenating.

Barn Turned Into A Contemporary Home In England

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