A Modern House in a Established Garden

Loft Bauhaus Amsterdam is a project designed to give a young family the chance to build their own home. Created by Hayon Toshimoto Architects, the house covers a ground area of 350 square meters. The main challenged faced by the project designers were incorporating existing conditions as well as the young family’s needs into the design. The young family wanted to adapt the old house to their way of life, making it integrate it’s setting with the surrounding urban landscape.

Beautiful Garden Landscaping Design Ideas

In order to do that, the designers had to turn the intervention into a actions space, communicating what they wanted to achieve. At the same time, the young family wanted to remember their childhood home as a home. Therefore, the designers created an open plan space that integrates all the necessary functions of the new structure.

Top Modern Minimalist And Stylish Garden Ideas For Modern House

The interior thus became an open yard-stage for the family to enjoy games and activities at all times. The floor plan integrates the garden, providing a common space where the family can gather and spend time together. The combination of materials we mentioned so far only served to highlight the qualities of the house. The result is a modern and elegant family house with clean lines and flowing spaces.{pictures by Olo Studio}.

Top Design Of Modern Gardening Ideas With Contemporary Style

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