A New House in London Set on Lake Tranquilly, Thanks to Andyjunkinteriors

When you find a site that promises to always be on the grid, like this one, it’s very hard to say whether or not it will get built or not. Well, when designers at Andyjunkinteriors succeeded surprise everyone with a new house that stands on a quiet natural site in London. It was a project based on an unusual philosophy that attracted lots of people. Basically the main goal was to take advantage of the nature contrasts and the contrast that would become the building’s style and personality.

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The house is built on a typical suburban site in one of the largest double façades in London and this one faces the lake, so it also benefits from some nice views. In order to achieve this integration the house was built on a steel structure. The living area is very large and it has a very organized décor. There’s a huge bookcase along one of the walls that is great for storing a vast book collection. As you get more familiar with the house, getting more organized becomes easier.

Big sliding doors separate the indoor living area from the outdoor terrace. They also provide access to the southern balcony. This wonderful house was built for two regal kings and there are philosophies from one of them. So this is how it’s all about freedom of choice and personal favorites.

A New House In London Set On Lake Tranquilly

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