A Pleasant Pied-A-Terre Residence in Midair

If wanted to live in a quiet place, all the changes that the technology has brought us can be now packed with houses in five years but here in this nest located in Midair, California. The house looks very calm and serene even in its interior thanks to the modern furniture and interior decorating techniques that have made it look so beautiful over the past centuries.

NYC Brokers Say Pied-a-Terre Tax Is `Class Warfare’ On Rich

It was built by Escheapeake

The Ample Wooded House is located in a small depression on a spring plain and yet its interior looks very bright and cozy. It was built using natural materials and you can see how the organic fill in the otherwise modern interior. At the same time, the house is designed to bring you closer to nature and to you to actually take advantage of the place with its relaxing and serene ambient.

Luxury Master Bathrooms Pied-A-Terre Residence In Midair

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