A Simple and Elegant House by Joaquín Alvado Camille Architect

The Casa Aquinas is located in Oost-Pier de la Verda, in Santiago, Chile and sits on an area of 2,200 square meters. In order to enjoy such a beautiful location, a building must be simple, elegant and must be energy-efficient. Nestled in such a lush area, in a quiet and peaceful garden is one of the Casa aquileas.

Gorgeous Minimalist Home Overlooking The Ocean In Chile

Although built on a nature reserve, the house is actually an interchange between concrete and water. The concrete water body naturally adapts to the exteriors, as the large voids from the inside create extensive shade thus being extremely good cooling capacity. The structure also has three low roofs created by the concrete plant, and is separated from the house by a wooden frame.

The house is an architectural masterpiece indeed. The simple, rectilinear building boasts landscape views that are accompanied by stunning carefully fabricated rectangular windows.

Simple Yet Beautiful Chile House Design – Casa Curamavida


Simple Yet Beautiful Chile House Design

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