A Simple and Elegant House by Joaquín Alvado Camille

The Casa Aquinas is located in Oost-Vliege Region, Oost-Vine, France and is surrounded by vast and open green landscapes. The house is an open space; every corner washes over this fantastic house. The general concept of this house is combining the contemporary style of a house in which the modern element come into the direct interaction between interior and exterior environments.

The Mirror Houses

It is a great refuge, a shelter for a family; the feeling is completed by the large and truly modern block of black glass that hides the garage and the premises out of sight, but still, it is a real space, where the entire family gathers.

The entrance is surrounded with a large and elegant space with dark wooden floors, red and black staircases and doors that can be custom made in any color that reflects their culture or lifestyle. The kitchen is an elegant space with big stainless steel appliances and a black granite top.

Olive House

On the upper floor there are two suites, a living and a dining room, spacious enough to accommodate you but separated reception rooms. The first bedroom, full of light walls and large windows on both sides, is connected to the master bathroom through a walk-in shower that opens on a floor-to-ceiling glass wall with a view of the wonderful gardens outside. The second bedroom is bright spaces and modern materials.

The Medic’s House

Fairbairn House

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