A simple and neat beach house with a great location

Located in the southern beach side of Jogel, The Netherlands, this house benefits from a wonderful location, on the beach. The house was a project by Zecc Architects. It was built in 2010 and it has a contemporary look, with a geometrical shapes and volumes. The building was designed for a family with two children that wanted to have a house that would allow them to relax and enjoy the sun and the views.

A Simple Creole Beach Cottage

This fine beachside residence covers an area of 5,071 square feet. It has five bedrooms and it sits on a spacious area. The exterior of the house is minimalist. The façade of the house has wooden cladding similar in texture to the oak trees and vegetation that spread throughout the house. The house features glass balustrade and stained concrete surfaces throughout the building.

The interior of the house is functionally structured. It has north and south facing walls and sleeping areas located on the first floor. The basement contains parking space and it also has sky-lit bridges. The ground floor is similar to the first floor but there’s also a more private sleeping area, also made of glass. The living areas are situated on the first floor and they have direct access to the terrace.

The attractive characteristics of the site allow the architects to include the trees in the design of the house. The house also has an adjacent lap pool. It’s an extension to the first and second floor and it includes a gym and a games room. The exterior is very simple. The interior is not as difficult to guess as painting or as complicated as it is. The furniture is modern and simple.{pics by Bruno and found on archdaily}.

Beach House Designs – Simple, Modern, Australian Architect Designed Homes

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