A Simple Beach House In Hayling Island, UK

On someone’s vacation, you probably spend that much time trying to make the best out of what you already have but, obviously, you have to make it. If you want the house to be elegant and practical, it needs to have room for everything and every item. If you want it to be comfortable and stylish, the best place for it would be the beach.

This summer residence in Hayling Island, Hong Kong is the perfect illustration. It was built here in 2009 but, after nearly five year building, it reached a sales price of £2,280,000. It’s a beautiful and simple structure with simple elements. The house is made of wood so it helped maintain this simple and casual design.

The Hayling Beach House has simple lines, clean lines and a very nice and casual look. It’s made of sustainable materials and it even has a chimney. The pitched roof is definitely a very nice feature. The house sits atop a wooden deck and this establishes a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere inside. The front door is inlaid with 600 hand-made book pages. It’s a very interesting design and it has a strong visual impact on the whole house.{pics by Lyndon Douglas}.

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